Stanley & Natasha Collins

About Us


Natasha and I both have gone through the pain and disappointment of divorce like you very well may have.

I felt at times that I would never find someone to love and share life with in harmony.

I never dreamed I would find the love of my life 1/2 way around the world. I tell her often how lucky I feel to

have her as my wife.


I met Natasha in October of 2002 in Ryazan, Russia and there has never been a day since that I have taken

her for granted. I know how rare it is to have the kind of relationship that we have ... not because it is so hard

to do but because most people just don't know how.


I did something that most people don't do ... after my 2nd divorce, I vowed I would find what makes love

relationships work. Surprisingly, that knowledge and understanding did not come from my Masters degree in

Applied Behavioral Science as I thought it would. I did learn some good and useful things there but it took a

great deal of studying and searching on my own to find what I was looking for ... and I did find it.

I have been sharing that knowledge with people like you ever since.


May love abound in your life the way you want.

Stanley and Natalia Collins